Wednesday, May 12, 2004

I'm on a mega-diet trying to lose my Stewart weight. I thought maybe it would just melt off like Owen's did- but I was forgetting that I gained FIFTY pounds this time. Gah.

The reason diets don't work is because somewhere between counting calories, slicing fruits and veggies, blending health drinks and planning meals, you realize that ALL you are thinking about is food. This has the side effect of making you hungry all the time.

I'm eating more often than when I gorged myself on everything in sight. My mind is constantly on what my next low-fat snack could be.

I also can't even enjoy my afternoon walks anymore because I keep thinking about how many calories I might be burning and what that might allow me to eat for dinner.

This CAN'T be the way to get thin, can it? Ugh.

I truly enjoyed Gilmore Girls last night.

I also can't believe that Rob and Amber won a million bucks, a car apiece and are getting married.


B said...

i know i'm only trying to drop 15 pounds, and it's not baby weight, so i really don't have a right to try to relate to your plight, but i too am finding diet a problem. i hope that exercise will help--it did last summer--but i just don't have the time right now to commit to it. if you do find something that works for you, please let me know!!!!!!!!!! i want to fit back into my skinny pants!

Dave said...

I had no baby, but I'm trying to lose 20lbs.

We measured the diameter of our pregnant friend, she was 37-inches.

I forced out my belly...I was 38-inches.

Not cool.

B said...

you threw the skinny pants away? that's awesome--now you're sure to lose that weight! :) last time, i lost all the weight as soon as i gave away all my skinny pants. i swear, i think it was the next goddamn day--i was like, "hey, wait--these 'fat' clothes are 6 sizes too big now!"