Saturday, June 12, 2004

Amy Ultch came down this week to hang out and celebrate her freedom from The Garden Terrace, this horrible restaurant where she worked for two bitter lesbians named... wait for it... PAT and GAY. Seriously. I mean, can you think of better names for them?

She is trying to find another waitressing job to subsidize school payments and interviewed at Chili's and Red Lobster.

We had a huge discussion about how in the Midwest, Red Lobster is the shiznit b/c it's the only place for decent seafood, whereas here, near the sea where you can get actual seafood, Red Lobster is no more glamorous than Ponderosa.

Whenever I think of Ponderosa, I nearly gag on the memory of the nastiest, dirtiest buffet I have ever seen.

I specifically remember the sundae bar with drips of dried, stringy chocolate sauce everywhere, sprinkles hither and yon, and melty gummy bears. The coup de grace was the gigantic scoop of chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream slowly melting in the oreo cookie bits.


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