Monday, June 21, 2004

For some reason I just remembered my brother and I's version of "playing doctor." It was called "Take Apart the Captain" and it consisted of one party slowly and painfully dismembering the other.

"Sorry, Captain, I'm going to have to cut off your leg."

"No no, please don't cut off my leg."

"Sorry, I have to cut it off. Here's my circle saw. BRRRRRR."

"Ouch, please, God, the PAIN!"

All of our body parts would be amputated one by one until we were "just a big vagina running around" (or a big penis)- at which point we would laugh hysterically, switch roles, and do it all over again.


B said...

that is, pants down, the funniest thing i've read all day.

of course, in my head, i hear you and your brother beginning each sentence with "arrrggh" for some reason, because when i hear "captain" i immediately associate the pirate "ron" part.

now, of course, upon second pondering, i can see you in civil war coats, ala "gone with the wind." pleading for your limbs in that 14-year-old-boy-southern-annoying-accent. almost as funny as the pirate version.

Sarah Ford said...

It was definitely a boat kind of Captain. I'm really not sure why. We probably saw something on TV about gangrene on ships- I know that we specifically had the idea that people on boats had their limbs cut off all the time.