Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I just saw the most disturbing commercial. It was for Lysol kitchen wipes, and at the beginning, you hear all the germs on this woman's countertop talking to each other. Then she pulls out a Lysol germ-killing wipe and wipes the counter while the germs scream in pain and agony. I'm not kidding at all.


Unknown said...

I'm so tired off all the germaphobes out there. You know what people, stay healthy and wash your hands and you'll be fine. All these cleaning products and anitbiotics are just creating super germs. But hey I'm also a hypocrite because I insist on using Dial soap in the shower.

Dave said...

I worked with a girl who was so afraid of germs that she wouldn't even touch the handrails on escalators. She Lysoled everything.

Then she got a really nasty cold and we all just laughed at her. We never got sick.