Thursday, June 24, 2004

A long time ago, I posted about my love for movie (and TV) quotes, so I thought I'd list a few of the quotes that Kyle and I use so often we can barely even distinguish them from our actual language.

In fact, it's only when a stranger is around to ask "What does that mean?" that we even notice we are doing it.

Here's a quick decoder:

1. What We Say: "I'm going with Jerk Store!!!!" What We Mean: "Don't sully my artistic vision."

2. What We Say: "I celebrate Julianne Moore's entire catalogue." What We Mean: "I like Julianne Moore."

3. What We Say: "That's gold, Jerry, gold!" What We Mean: "That's freaking funny."

4. What We Say: "Some foolish carpenter parked in my spot!" What We Mean: "Some idiot took my spot."

5. What We Say: "Brought you a little snack, Eckart." What We Mean: "Check this out."

6. What We Say: "I feel very... confused and titillated." What We Mean: "What the *&!@ is that?"

Can anyone name all the movies/shows?

My only recent genius quote was way back at Christmas when Owen got some annoying light up/musical toy. I said "I like the glow. It's red like our Krypton sun. But not this irritating noise." I was pretty amused, but nobody else got it :(.


B said...

i'm not a quote-master, like you and my sis. i do however have a few that i whip out on a daily basis:

"your ideas are intrieguing to me, and i wish to subscribe to your newsletter" from les simpsons, meaning "i like what you're saying--please tell me more"

"let us in! let us in! let us out! let us out!" from clue--used whenever i'm having trouble gaining access to something/someplace

"1+1+2+1, not 1+2+1+1" also from the cinematic blockbuster, clue--whenever something is getting confusing.

also, instead of saying something is "hands-down" the best or the funniest, i quote jack from will n grace and say that it's "pants-down."

will and grace is good for lots of alcoholic and, well, homophobic name-calling quote material.
for example:
"martin scor-sissy"
"dumb and drunker"
"francis ford faggola"

also, whenever i have a martini in my hand (which really only happens when i'm at the new martini bar in the district) i pretend to swirl my pill in my martini, toss my head back and pop it--a la my idol, miss carol (karen) texas ranger (walker).

Colleen said...

my three favorite quotes right now hang by my desk at work.
The first is from Buffy, "I commit. I'm committed. I'm a committee."
The second is from really bad Kathy Bates movie with Rupert Everett called Unconditional Love. There's some British people on a plane, including Julie Andrews. They experience turbulence and Julie goes in the cockpit and sings over the PA system. A passenger says, "Julie Andrews is in the cockpit?" Another answers, "Thank God" and makes the sign of the cross.
The third quote is from a Menards ad flyer. At the bottom, it said, "We always weaken whatever we exaggerate."
These help me make it through the day.