Saturday, June 19, 2004

Looking at my wardrobe this morning, I found myself thinking that it was all very inappropriate for my age.

Let's face it, I may look like I'm 16 (I did get carded for Kill Bill Vol. 2, which I can tell you was pretty embarrassing), but I'm not.

I realized that aside from maternity clothes and a handful of Old Navy tees, I haven't purchased anything new in the last five to six years.

My sister-in-law Joanna has given me plenty of cast-offs (kind of depressing, because she lost a lot of weight and they were her "fat" clothes and they fit me perfectly, but not as depressing as when my cousin Steph gave me a pair of shorts that she called "loose and comfortable for after pregnancy" and I couldn't even zip the fly) but she is a few years younger than me so they are all youthful as well.

I know it doesn't really matter what I wear because I have no job. But I still feel kind of weird pushing my stroller around in tight jeans and a tiny T-shirt with a sparkly Rainbow Brite iron-on.


Sarah Ford said...

Yes, but while your Sarah and I are close in age, she is not a stretch-marked, puffy-scarred mother of two. She can still pull off that look. I cannot.

Unknown said...

A) You're not that much bigger than me and you can pull it off.

B) I too am getting hand me down clothes from other people's "fat clothes" collection.

Life is hard

Colleen said...

Last Christmas, I had to borrow clothes from my sister to dress up for Mass. I put on one of her white collared dress shirts -- (it wasn't a button up, it was one of those v-neck dress shirt things they sell at Gap and Old Navy now.) It was so tight, I looked all lumpy, and couldn't breathe. When I tried to take it off, I realized I was stuck in it and needed Britt's help extracting it from my body. (Dad took a picture of this process.)

When I tried to put on the pants she lent me, I couldn't squeeze all my flabby abs into them at the same time. I just kept mumbling, "You skinny bitch," as I tried to zip them.

Happy Holidays.

Sarah Ford said...

I've definitely had that "lumpy" experience in a button-up shirt, especially when breastfeeding and having abnormally large and weird looking boobs.