Thursday, June 03, 2004

Speaking of Michael Moore and politics, I too (like Britt) saw Head of State.

I thought it was okay- but what interested me is that the movie had two quotes which put a finger on what I think are the major weaknesses of both political parties.

REPUBLICANS: The slogan for the Evil Republican's campaign was "God bless America... and no place else."

Perfect for conservatives who seem to think that we have right to destroy all of our own natural resources and those of the rest of the world so that Americans don't have to pay an additional ten cents a unit for energy or gas, or so we can still buy cheap useless consumer goods at low prices.

DEMOCRATS: Chris Rock, while debating the Evil Republican, brings up gun control. Evil Republican suggests that on that issue, we "let the people decide." Chris Rock shoots back "The people can't decide! They're too busy gettin' their asses shot off!"

Pefect for liberals. They really don't want to let the people decide. They think they know better. They think that college educated urban-dwellers like themselves are more qualified to make decisions than the country bumpkins of rural America.

These are the people who contend that Bush "stole" the election as if the half of the country that voted for him just doesn't count.


If only there were SOMEONE to vote for this November that isn't a complete douchebag.

And sorry Ralph Nader. You are in fact a complete douchebag.

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