Saturday, September 18, 2004


A few of our giant spiders.


Michael Krogmann said...

Kerry will solve all of your spider problems for you.

As for your other points, I didn't see an Illinois mention in my post. And besides, I thought you guys were from Indiana.

Secondly, Pittsburgh's practically the Midwest itself, so your anti-Midwestern charge won't stick. Anti-Republican? Sure.

Of course, you should only vote for Bush if you fit into one of three categories: 1) A person who makes more than $350,000 per year. 2) You own a strip mining company. 3) You believe Bush every time he says the exact opposite of the truth.

Sarah Ford said...

You're welcome to be anti-Republican or anti-Midwest if you want. It's your assumptions and not your opinions that I am challenging.

First of all, not everyone in the Midwest is a Republican- Illinois for example is one of the largest swing states (and in 2000, it went for Gore).

Second, not everyone who is a Republican is a Bush supporter. I am a Republican. I am not a Bush hater, but I will probably vote for Kerry.

Third, not everyone who is Republican is a conservative. I believe in small government- small as in low taxes, but also small as in, the government shouldn't tell people who they can and can't marry. So I guess I'm closer to a Libertarian but I vote Republican.

I just don't think that drawing lines in the sand between Republicans and Democrats and making sweeping assumptions about either party is necessarily the way to improve the country.

After all, I don't go around calling every Democrat/Urban dweller/East coaster a "hippie liberal douche" (to quote South Park). There are many Democrats that I find common political ground with because they aren't all lefty radicals who think suicide bombings are noble and beheadings are deserved because America is stealing oil.

Michael Krogmann said...

I think you misread my post. I was taking direct aim at Bush supporters only. Particularly Bush supporters who have been laid off from blue collar jobs, but think war is Iraq makes us tougher and like Bush because "he's just like us."

It's okay. Most women get confused when talking politics.

Sarah Ford said...

"anti-Republican? Sure!"

I think that's pretty clear.

It's okay, most men can't remember what they said ten minutes ago, let alone ten hours ago.