Friday, September 10, 2004

Let the TV Season Begin!

My TiVo list for this fall:

Gilmore Girls: Never really watched this before. Connie had us TiVo some eps for her this spring while she was out of town and I got addicted.

Scrubs: Again, never a huge fan, but Dave and Connie got me into it.

Lost: I was disappointed by Alias, but I loved the first two seasons of Felicity. Plus, the concept intrigues me.

Wife Swap: I just want to watch rich bitches clean toilets.

The Bachelor: I can't get enough of this garbage.

That 70's Show: Sure, it's jumped the shark a little what with Kelso becoming a father, and Eric and Donna breaking up for the zillionth time (Why couldn't they just get married? The center of the show has never been Eric and Donna's make-up/break-up garbage- it has been how they work together to solve problems in their long-term relationship, which is kind of why I liked the show. It was the only one that didn't prolong this will they/won't they B.S.)- but I'll give it another shot.

Joey: Much as I had hoped it would be terrible, I actually really liked the pilot.

The O.C.: Mandatory.

The Apprentice: Of course.

Survivor: Vanuatu: All-Stars brought me back into the fold.

Desperate Housewives: Fantastic pilot, neat mix of mystery and comedy. Kind of reminds me of Fox's Pasadena, which aired, I think, in 2001, and was cancelled a few episodes in.

Arrested Development: Mandatory.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't really get into Joey. It was like a really bad episode of Friends. Arrested and Curb have set the bar for what a comedy should be.


Anonymous said...

can I just say that the fact that Sarah's site ate itself makes my whole fucking weekend.


Dave said...

Being on The O.C. is so February 2004.

I'll be autographing O.C. DVD sets at the Best Buy on Pico, October 26th for lucky ladies who purchase the set.

Dave said...

Hey Tobler, why don't you use your blog instead of packing Sarah's comments full of garbage.

Mike already has that job filled.