Saturday, November 27, 2004


It's been quite a Thanksgiving Day Weekend.

Owen started barfing and blowing out the toilet late Wednesday night.

The next day, he seeemed to feel better and we set off for Scottsdale, Arizona, to visit some family.

The car ride took so long that we missed dinner and arrived at my aunt's house by the time everyone else was falling asleep and ready for their pie.

Steph's son Caleb was delighted to see us and ran around excitedly trying to show Owen the house, but Owen was so tired and sick that he just screamed for Mommy.

We crammed in a few bites of reheated turkey and then went to Steph's place for the night. Owen went to bed almost immediately to wake up several more times barfing and crapping.

The next day we took him to Urgent Care, but the cost was $50 and the wait 3 hours. We decided to drive back to L.A. instead, given that Stewart had started barfing all over Steph's rug.

We left Scottsdale at around 3 p.m. and arrived back in L.A. about 10:30 after many hours of two kids barfing in sync.

My favorite was when Stewart spewed chunks all over the wall at a Chevron station in Eastern California. We just walked out as they dripped down onto the floor.

Today we took Owen to Urgent Care back home, but the doctor just told us to watch for dehydration, which we're doing, and not to worry as it's just a bad flu bug.

All I can say is that after three days of this, I am heartily sick of O.P.P. - Other People's Puke and Other People's Poop.

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