Friday, January 07, 2005

California Dreamin', continued...

Last night, I dreamed that Kyle drove the van straight through our laundry room and down our neighbor's driveway.

He crashed over the cardboard that our 84 year old British neighbor lady has leaned against the fence to barricade her junk-strewn lawn and gunned the van down into the street.

Then the British lady started screaming out of her porch window, just like she would have in real life (when a tree branch fell on our street last year, Molly screamed "Oh my GOD, someone call 911!!!!!" about 60 times, rather than just shutting up and calling 911 herself. Turns out she wasn't even worried about the crushed car and whether or not anyone was inside it (it was empty), she was merely concerned that the branch was blocking her driveway when she had an "appointment"(trip to Sav-On in her boat)).

But Kyle just keeps driving, ignoring her screams- it was probably the greatest dream of my life.

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