Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I HATE BARF!!!! (and poo)

A new chapter in the theater of Owen: barfing.

This kid has to have the most sensitive gag reflex I've ever seen. He barfs when he cries, when he coughs, when he eats something he doesn't like, when he THINKS about eating something he doesn't like, when he smells baby or dog poop, when he looks at a soggy Cheerio in the bottom of the sink, not to mention when he has the flu.

He and Stewart have both had a bad cold/cough for the last few weeks. Stewart seems to have recovered pretty well, but every time Owen brings up a loogie, he brings up anything he's eaten in the previous four hours with it.

I'm glad he's getting the mucous out, but jeez!

The thing I find the most irritating is that he knows he's going to barf- he spreads his legs wide and leans forward so that not a drop lands on him or his feet. But he will NOT go to the bathroom or sink, or get a napkin. He just yaks it on the floor.

I got irritated just now and reminded him snappily to go to the toilet. In typical, infuriating Owen fashion, he told me "I'm sorry...I barfed," in his sweet, halting, barely understandable voice, making me feel like the worst mother in the world.


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