Saturday, April 16, 2005

Clothing Optional?

We took the kids to the beach this afternoon and I have to say that I was disturbed by the amount of naked kids running around.

We were right by the open-air showers, so a lot of parents were using them to hose off the kids before going home, which I totally understand. And most of the kids were only naked for the time it took to wash the sand out of their privates.

But there were these twin boys running around for TWO HOURS completely naked- they even came over and shared Owen and Stewart's beach toys. TOTALLY NAKED.

As a bonus, they were uncircumcized, which disturbed me cuz I've never seen one that way. Their penises kind of blended in with their balls and so at first glance I thought there WASN'T any penis, just a giant ball sack.

I just wanted to run over and tell their mother to PUT SOME CLOTHES ON THEM for the love of God.

They were only 2 or 3 years old, but I still wouldn't let Owen run around that way. First of all I'd be afraid there was some sicko around watching and enjoying it. Second, I just wouldn't want my kids privates rubbing against other kids' beach toys.

Am I being a prude here?


Connie said...

I don't know, I always figured let them be naked while they still can. There's probably long term psychological consequences to either side so I guess just go with what you're comfortable with.

Dave said...

And here's The Duder's two cents.

First, a naked kid is far more likely to just wizz or crap without consequence. I hate when people spit on my beach and needless to say, wizz and crap is CERTAINLY not welcome.

Second, this is a city of three million people. Your chances of having some creepo watch your child from afar is pretty good.

Connie's argument to that is you'll make your child insecure if they're always bundled up, which I agree with. But to me, there's a time and place. Romping around the house or a front yard, no biggie. Public beaches, no thanks.

Jesus, do I sound 60 years-old?

Unknown said...

My mom has a million pictures of me and my brother running around buck naked. But that was in my grandparents backyard. As far as I can remember at public beaches we usually wore clothes.

I think though that a little naked time for all kids would help them to be more comfortable with their bodies in the long run.

In our household we try to allow as much time for nakedness as possible - weather permitting.

B said...

first of all, i'm disappointed to see martha wainwright on your playlist. i haven't listened to the cd, only because i've seen her live enough times to know it can't be good.

but to each his own. if everyone agreed with me that she was too awful to breathe, she's starve to death. so in that respect, if you like her enough to pay money for her cd, at least she's not starving to death.

now, onto the naked kids issue:

my two cents, SO not appropriate--for all the reasons sarah stated.

in a perfect utopian society, i could agree with allowing nudity to keep kids from learning our weird inhibitions and whatnot. and i agree that a little in-home nudity isn't going to hurt anyone. but on a public beach? for hours? no way. not ok. i see nothing alright with this.

so you're not alone, sarah. except in your martha wainwright obsession--you can have her all to yourself.

Sarah Ford said...

i'm not taking the fall on martha... kyle's the one who worships the wainwrights. he loves lowden, rufus AND martha.

i have never been able to figure out what he sees in ANY of them.

all of the music is on my comp. account, so it appears on my playlist when he listens to it.

B said...

point taken--please insert the name "kyle" wherever you see the name "sarah" in the previous rant of disappointment concerning martha wainwright. i worship rufus, and don't really know louden well, but even without knowing louden's music i can say with utter certainty that martha's the untalented wainwright. from now on, wainwright comments will be directed at kyle. sorry you had to take the flack for his bad taste.

Kyle Ford said...

Martha is the shiznit.