Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Kyle on Personal Trainers

So as you may know, Kyle and I are now members of Bally's Total Fitness. When you sign up, you get a free session with a personal trainer. Kyle attended his this evening while I puttered about the house, doing laundry, sweeping the porch, etc.

After throwing in another load, I was walking back to the door when I saw Kyle staggering up the walkway, white as a ghost.

He looked so horrible that first I thought he was going to tell me someone had mugged him and taken his iPod.

After he had caught his breath, he said "Well, when I signed up for the training session, they asked me if I wanted to request a specific personal trainer. Let's just say that the answer is YES, otherwise you might get a gigantic, ripped black man with a bulldog tattoo who will DESTROY YOU!"

He then retired to the couch to watch Idol.

I wonder if he will ever go back.


Dave said...

YES! This makes up for "Derek" now calling our house once and Connie's cell phone twice, ONE of those times at 10pm!


B said...

haha! i never would've thought!

B said...

i saw a commercial last night for bally total fitness that included lots of shots of a gi-normous black man flexing, and i wondered: "is that the dude that messed up kyle?"