Saturday, June 04, 2005


I've noticed that as I get older, I get more and more stupidly confrontational.

I think it's because I expend so much patience on the kids that I have none left for rude people elsewhere.

I try so hard not only to be patient with the boys, but also to set an example of patience for them by being polite and cheerful when I'm waiting in line or resolving problems.

In addition, I think I make an effort to be friendly with everyone when walking in the neighborhood or playing at the park.

That's why I've just about had it with being treated disrespectfully.

I seriously almost had it out with an old guy at the hardware store last month, because as the cashier was looking up the sku for play sand for me, he was fidgeting and sighing SO DRAMATICALLY that I wanted to smack him in the face.

It literally took her about 45 seconds to look up the number. Plus, it's not like I didn't wait in line with everyone else! I wasn't about to leave without what I came for.

I also was called a "fucking bitch" by a nanny in the park, I think because I told her little brat not to push other kids, after he did it like five times without her saying anything (which I did in a very nice way- "Don't push honey, it's not nice"- something along those lines).

I also was harassed by a bag lady while walking with Mary Lou- she was screaming "Your baby is hanging out of the stroller! (not true) Go 'head, see if I care! It ain't my baby! I KNOW you wouldn't invite me to dinner..." insert various crazy talk.

Okay, I know she was crazy. I know. I know I shouldn't get angry about it, I should be feeling sorry for her or praying for her like a good Christian.

But how immature am I? I wanted to tell her to shut her fucking trap and let me walk down the sidewalk in peace.

I didn't of course, but what bothers me is how badly I wanted it!

What is wrong with me?

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her_suziness said...

I do the exact same thing!! The drive thru employees at the local McDonald's are the rudest...if they thrust a bag of food at me and stare at me till I take again...I think I'll just punch one of them in the....and I'm always the mother who has to tell the other mother's kids that they're being rude or ill-behaved. People just don't care anymore about common courtesy...*sigh*