Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Ganging Up

While Kyle was in Maryland for his grandmother's funeral, Owen and Stewart decided it would be a good time to gang up on me, Evil Mom Extraordinaire.

It would have been bad enough if it was just the usual fighting, cranking, hijinks (Owen "washing" his underwear in the toilet, for example) and ill-advised games that involve jumping onto or off of things.

But instead they decided to double team me on the discipline front. As Stewart blatantly ignored me or kicked me, and I threatened to spank, Owen cried "Don't spank Stewie! No! Stewie a good boy!" and tried to forcibly remove my hands from Stewart.

After the spanking was administered, whereupon Stewart giggled as if the whole thing had been an interesting game, Owen started giggling too, and slapping his knee. "No no no! Bad knee!" he mocked, and Stewart instantly joined the game.

What can you do? I just laughed and now every now and then the boys discipline their knees.

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