Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Last night, Kyle, Amy, Leo and I watched the first half of Scorcese's Bob Dylan documentary, No Direction Home.

It was definitely not for the casual Dylan fan, as it had basically no information whatsoever on Dylan's family, friends, or rise to fame. It is about as inscrutable as Dylan himself- further helped by the fact that Dylan is completely incoherent as a speaker.

I mean, the guy cannot tell a story to save his life, which is ironic because I think he's one of the most amazing narrative singer/songwriters of all time.

At one point, Amy and I imagined what happened if Owen fell down a well (like Timmy in the old show Lassie) and Bob Dylan had to go for help. I said I'd rather take my chances with Lassie- she's a far better communicator.

The best part of the whole first two hours was when a radio host asked Dylan about the meaning of his song A Hard Rain. "It's about atomic rain, right?" the radio host asked.

"No, no it's not about atomic rain. It's a hard rain."

We all started laughing hysterically. A couple other great Dylan quotes:

"I had to sing that song. That's why I wrote it. I had to sing it."

"Time took care of the things people were doing then. Time. And progress. You know."


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