Thursday, May 04, 2006


Marylou and I are now writing a blog for parents, called Sippycup.

Most of my efforts are now going to that, since this blog has become pretty Mommycentric anyway.

Some of its features are specific to the L.A. area, but we're trying to set it up so that there are a lot of general parenting tools as well.

We want it to be a place where parents can help each other by sharing their tricks, lessons, favorite books, etc., and we have it set up so that it is relatively easy to enter that information.

All you parents, please check it out and give us your feedback, even if you don't live in L.A.

Please add your profile to our "Join us!" section and then share all your helpful parenting tips and tricks.

Marylou and I are in no way claiming to be parenting experts- we are configuring this site as a community of parents who can help each other. I figure we can all learn from each other's mistakes and triumphs.

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