Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Top Ten Tuesday

Top 5 Reasons I Want This Baby Out of Me

1. I want to go on a diet- my "skinny" clothes are taunting me from the closet.
2. I want my body to myself again- sure those baby kicks were fun at the beginning, but now he's huge, and getting kicked in the bladder, colon and lungs isn't quite the tickling sensation it used to be.
3. I want to be able to walk for half an hour without peeing my pants.
4. Heartburn- the makers of Tums must love me- I probably provided them with a tidy Christmas bonus this year (seriously, I go through an 80-pack in like a week).
5. I am so tired of wearing the same maternity shirts over and over again that I'd like to burn them.

Top 5 Reasons I'd Rather He Just Stayed In There

1. The C-section. Going under the knife sucks. It's scary, it's super-painful, and it takes months rather than days to recover from. I get so annoyed when people say I did it "the easy way" because I didn't go through a prolonged labor.
2. Sleep-deprivation. Sure I'm tired now, but nothing like I will be in another two months.
3. Nursing. Aching nipples, swollen boobs, and having your shirt off 90% of the time.
4. Doctor's appointments galore. Follow-up appointments for me and the baby mean trips to the hospital practically every other day.
5. I won't have the use of both arms for about another year, as baby will be occupying at least one arm at all times.

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