Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Featured Link: is a must-read for any mom. It's written by Heather Armstrong, a former Angelino who now lives in Utah and has a cute little girl.

Her observations on life and motherhood are both hilarious and heart-stoppingly accurate. Sometimes when I read her posts I am amazed at how she has captured my exact feelings, even feelings I was barely conscious of having and I almost wonder if she's been spying on me for the last four years.

Her most recent post, Welcome Mat, reminds me so much of how I felt when Owen was a baby.

She talks about dividing the day into increments, each increment getting her closer and closer to the minute her husband walked in and she could finally dump the baby into someone else's arms.

I remember doing that exact same thing. Sometimes I feel like I spent Owen's first six months watching the clock in silent desperation, feeling so trapped by him and his neediness and yet so in love with him at the same time that there was no place for all that resentment to go.

Anyhow, check out the site, I guarantee you will find something there you'll relate to.

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