Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Top 10 Great Things Dads Do

1. He horses around with the kids. Let's face it ladies, we just can't wrestle or throw the kids in the air the way Dad can.
2. He buys them all the treats and toys you say "no" to.
3. He takes the kids to McDonald's when you need a rest.
4. He backs you up when you discipline your tantrum-ing two year old.
5. He's your errand boy, the one who runs out to Sav-On at 1 a.m. to get Infant's Tylenol, or to Ralph's for butter five minutes before dinnertime.
6. He watches the kids while you shower.
7. He occasionally cooks; or at least brings home a bucket of chicken.
8. He has to take your son(s) to the men's room. And when they go through puberty, he has to give them "the talk." (I guess if you have only daughters, you're out of luck on this one.)
9. He treats you like a human being, unlike your kids, who treat you like a serving, cooking, nursing, giving machine.
10. He loves your kids like crazy.

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