Saturday, July 29, 2006

Heat Wave

Forgive me, Readers, for it has been many days since my last post.

How, I ask you, could I stay inside long enough to do ANYTHING in this BRUTAL heat?

It has been HOT here in Santa Monica, no joke. Since Santa Monica is near the ocean, we ordinarily have two days in a whole year that are truly hot and we can usually bear them all right, knowing that they're rare.

However, the temperature here has been insanely high for the last two weeks straight, and the worst part is that hardly anyone on this side of town has air conditioning.

Our apartment, which has high beam ceilings that trap heat, literally has felt like a furnace even at night. Our refrigerator is working as hard as it can to fight the heat, but it is just too hot for it to keep anything cool. All our sodas and water are sweaty and lukewarm, the veggies are moldering in bags, and the milk has to be kept on ice to keep from curdling. Meanwhile, in the freezer, ice cream sandwiches collapse under my fingers like warm butter, and water takes nearly 24 hours to turn into ice.

We have all been marinating in our own sweat for days on end- finding it pointless to shower (you'll be sweating before the water stops running), to put on makeup (it lasts maybe five minutes before you sweat it off), to eat (too much effort, food tastes bad), to live (who wants to live in what literally feels like hellfire?).

Today, for the first time in what feels like forever, the temperature was bearable. It was still humid, but at least overcast and blessedly cool.

I ventured into the yard for the first time in days where I found THE BIGGEST SPIDER I'VE EVER SEEN:

Img_1025_1 Img_1024_2



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