Monday, September 11, 2006

Stumping for Dubya

So last night at dinner, Kyle and I were discussing birthdays with Owen and Stewart. We talked about how Stewart will be three on his birthday, and Owen will be five, because five comes after four.

Then we starting quizzing Owen about his NEXT birthday, trying to get him to understand the concept that he gets a year older on each one. "What comes after five?" Kyle prompted.

"Ummm, six," he said.

"And what comes after six?"

Owen paused, leaving just enough time for Stewart to throw his hands in the air and scream "W!!!!!"

I was a bit torn at this point because I wanted to be truthful but not dampen his enthusiasm.

"Actually, it's seven," I said, but I agreed that "W" does indeed come after twelve (the highest number he's counted to thus far). I figured 13 is so far out of his understanding at this point it might as well be "W." Why the hell not, after all?

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