Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Playing Doctor

An interesting conversation I had with the boys today...

Owen: When I eat, it goes in my tummy. But I can't see it, cuz it's in there.

Me: That's true. That's why-

Owen: There's chicken in there.

Me: Yep. That's why it's so important to eat healthy foods-

Owen: There's ranch dressing there.

Me: Uh-huh, and the food is the fuel for your body which is why-

Owen: Let's see, what else is in there? Candy? Cake?

Me: Yep, that too, but what other healthy things might be in there?

Owen: I don't know. I can't see. Maybe if I can cut it open I can see.

Me: That would hurt and you'd bleed. Only doctors can cut people open.

Owen: Maybe I can cut you open. Hey mom, baby was in your tummy.

Me: Yes, but the doctor cut me open and took the baby out. You can't cut me open.

Stewart: (about 5 times louder than Owen and I) Hey Mom! When the doctor cuts me up, I will be a baby!

Me: (laughter)

Owen: Hey mom, can I see your boobies?

Me: No, that's not appropriate.

Owen: I wanna see 'em.

Me: No, boobies are private, like butts and pee-pees. We only get them out when there's a baby to feed.

Owen: Well, you need to feed him now, I wanna see those boobies!

Me: (doubled over with laughter, but trying to hide it and unable to respond at this point)


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