Thursday, November 09, 2006

"Lost" in Yonkers?

So Kyle and I and the kids were all in New York for the last few days for Joanna's wedding.

Interesting thing about New York: the people were pretty nice for the most part, belying the popular wisdom that all New Yorkers are rude.

However, the homeless people are downright mean compared to the ones in L.A. And I used to live in Santa Monica, which has a homeless population second only to downtown's Skid Row, so I know what I'm talking about.

Maybe it's all the warmth and sunshine that makes L.A.'s transients genial and New York's assholes. Who knows? All I know is that the homeless on the Third Street Promenade used to say good day and God bless me and inquire kindly about my kids, except for the ones who were insane, and they at least kept to themselves.

In New York, I encountered exactly three homeless people in Joanna's wealthy, Upper West Side neighborhood. The first one called me a bitch, the second one made a slapping motion at me to wave me off the sidewalk, and the third told me to "get the fuck out of the way."

Well, I guess if I had to sleep on the sidewalk in below zero weather, I'd be bitter, too.

Joanna's wedding was wonderful- it went without a hitch and I think all the guests had a great time. I was so happy for her and Steven. And, next time you see her, give her shit because her last name is Klopfer now. Hah!

In other news, Kyle and I are catching up on all the shows we missed while in New York. I watched last week's Lost last night instead of this week's. And can I just ask WHY the ominous black cloud sounds like a cash register? I can't handle it!

What kind of sound is that for something so threatening? "Hi, I'm a spooky black cloud and I'm going to RING UP YOUR GROCERIES! Oooooooohhhh!"

Then of course the Cash Register/Black Cloud thumped Eko around like a rag doll, thus proving on the eve of the Christmas shopping season that retail is the Devil.

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