Saturday, December 23, 2006

..................(DUMBFOUNDED SILENCE)................

I can't even speak right now. Kyle just went out with his Christmas Best Buy certificate and bought the new iPod.

Take a moment to bask in that.

Keep in mind that he already has a video iPod and the Nano, one iPod more than any human being should have.

Keep in mind that I also have my own Nano (which he bought me, even though I already had the shuffle at the time).

So the house already had three iPods.

When he broke the news to me, I just stared at him, unable to respond out of complete and utter shock.

Once my vocal cords started working again, all I could manage was a weak, broken, "But why?"

"Well," he said. "It'll be good for biking."

"You don't bike."

"I'm going to start."

"You already bought a special attachment to mount your Nano on the bike."

"Well. Yeah."


"'ll be good for biking."

"That makes no sense."

"I went with the spirit of the gift certificate, haven't you ever done that?"

Oh my sweet Lord. Again. Can't. Even. Speak.


B said...

there has to be a twelve step program for him.

Anonymous said...

To clarify, it's the little shuffle. The spirit of the gift certificate is lost on all of you.

B said...

one of my student's parents gave me a very generous tip for the holidays. she prefaced it by saying she was going to use it to buy me an itunes gift card, but she wasn't sure if i had an ipod--

i, of course, do not--because i am poor, and they cost a lot. i'm sure they're convenient and all that--but this just totally highlights my determination to not buy one: you have THREE to get the convenience/satisfaction you think you need. THREE. gift card, schmift card--buy what you want, but you're totally convincing me to not buy one. plus, i'm already deaf--the last thing i need is an earpiece in my ear blasting music all day--then i'll seriously be beethoven--god, i can't imagine having to buy all the crap that goes with those damn things--adaptors, boom box things, speaker system things, blech!!!! i'll wait until my CDS disintegrate and i'm forced to buy one or sit in my rocking chair in silence. i don't understand what the hell a "little shuffle" is, but hopefully by then, they'll have come out with one model that will give me what i want--and i won't have to buy THREE.

Anonymous said...

It's the phonograph-based model with wooden trim and an optional mint julep holder.