Monday, December 04, 2006

Mousetrap Sucks

Is there a worse game on the face of the earth than Mousetrap?

Kyle brought it home from Target on Saturday, and I immediately washed my hands of the entire thing.

I told him I didn't want to set it up or take it down or be involved in any way.

Why? Because Mousetrap is completely pointless. There's ZERO gameplay or strategy, just the building of an elaborate Rube Goldberg device (the construction of which cannot deviate in the slightest way from the directions or the entire thing will fail), which then traps fellow players IF and only IF- one player is on the cheese space and another player is on the crank space which, in my experience, NEVER FREAKING HAPPENS.

You're left rolling the dice pointlessly over and over again, praying that the next one will somehow allow you to set the trap in motion. And when your prayers are finally answered, the trap doesn't work nine times out of ten because you didn't put the marble in perfectly, or line up the cheap plastic legs on the scaffolding just right.

However, despite Kyle's assurance that he would be in charge of the entire thing, I ended up spending the morning playing a frustrating game of Mousetrap with Owen. My favorite part is how every time you reach across the board to move your piece, you set off a fraction of the mousetrap, leading to a long re-tooling session.

Even if none of the marbles is unleashed, at the very least the mousetrap cage shakes loose from its post and shivers down to the board on EVERY SINGLE TURN.

GRRRRR. Mousetrap.

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B said...

although i can see your frustration with this game, i also think i can see where you went wrong: actually playing the game. mousetrap is to be used purely as a toy. screw the game! build the trap, and trap shit in it. matchbox cars, food, whatever. and then see what else you can use besides the marble--a sourball or bouncy ball. man, that was tons of fun! i miss mousetrap! we never actually played the game, but it provided hours of entertainment.