Monday, December 11, 2006

Work it, own it...

I played this kid's version of Go Fish! with Owen and Stewart today. It's basically the same game as with regular cards, except the cards have actual pictures of fish on them.

This resulted in some confusion, as one of the fish was a golfish, so whenever I told them to say "Go fish," they'd hold up th goldfish card and say "Goldfish!"

Also, one of the fish was poorly drawn, prompting Stewart to ask me if I had any dinosaurs.

The white one was some kind of freaky albino catfish, which was creepy in the manner of Gollum, and for some reason caused both boys to laugh hysterically and say "Ew, white fish, I don't like the white fish!"

But my favorite part of the game was how Stewart handed over the cards he was asked for. "Stewart," I'd say. "Owie asked you if you have any blue fish, so give him your blue fish." Stewart would then toss the cards in the air and yell "Work it!" in this intense voice like some kind of drill-sergeant-cum-Jazzercise instructor.

The box did promise fun for all ages, and I have to say that it didn't disappoint.

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