Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Random Observation

Why do people always feel the need to say "I'm horrible with names!" whenever they forget someone's name?

Does anyone really think they're good with names? And even if, theoretically, there is someone out there who prides himself on remembering names, would he say that he is good with names? I sure wouldn't, because then if I forgot someone's name, they'd know it was because they were really boring.

I think the only people who remember people's names after hearing them once are financially motivated to do so, like car salesmen or members of a pyramid scheme

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Unknown said...

we have this demented lady at work who remembers everyone's names, it's pretty amazing as you push her wheelchair down the hall she says the names of all the staff members she she's. but she can't remember where she put her lotion so someone must have stole it.