Friday, August 24, 2007

These Are the Days

Funny quotes from the boys I've been collecting:

Owen on his new toy: "When I'm a dad, I'm still gonna love this sword!"

Stewart contemplating his breakfast: "I think that bagel walked up to see my brain."

Owen while watching me eat: "When I'm a mom, I'm going to eat broccoli, carrots, iced tea, and potatoes. All of those things."

Stewart looking for a parking space in a full lot: "Uh-oh, I guess we'll have to park in the wheel barrow spot!"

Stewart on Owen's first week of kindergarten: "Mommy. Look at my face (while pushing out his lower lip to illustrate anger). I'm mad at you because you are not letting me go to kindergarten!"

Stewart at random times since burning himself on a light bulb at my parents' house: "Touch the light bald. See if it's hot!"

Owen on getting a treasure chest in Zelda: "Yeah, baby!" (I kid you not.)

Stewart on growing up: "Then I will play with a hard baseball and go to Target by my own self!" (It's the little things:).

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