Wednesday, December 12, 2007


1. That's SOOOOO L.A.

Overheard at a high-end pet store (that sells jeweled bowls, doggy clothing, doggy strollers and-I kid you not- a doggy CRIB. It looks exactly like Wilbur's only with bars over the top, too):

"OMG, I will not watch 8 Below. I refuse to watch it. I heard that a dog dies in that movie."

I had to call my mom immediately and repeat this quote.

2. Mama's Got the Magic

I washed Daisy, Stewart's favorite stuffed dog, in Clorox bleach because she was filthy from being dragged around in the grocery store, being used as a mop, having "run" all over Target (i.e. been slid across the ground like a hockey puck), etc., etc.

She came out looking brand-new. Stewart turned her over suspiciously, looked at her clean fur and asked "What's all that white?"

3. Awkward Teens

Stewart called eleven "onety-one." Actually it makes more sense than eleven.

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