Friday, January 18, 2008

The Revelation

The big revelation came last night. Owen, just a few months shy of six, has realized that he's mortal.

It happened like this; we were discussing how much longer Krycek will live and how dogs don't live that long, only ten or fifteen years or so.

"Dogs die, but people don't," Owen said with confidence.

I looked at him, unsure as to how serious he was and realized that he was very serious. "Um... actually people do die, but they live a lot longer than dogs," I said, trying to cushion the truth as much as possible.

"People die," he acquiesced readily. "But not us. Right, Mommy? Not us." Again, said with total conviction while holding eye contact with me.

If you had sliced my heart open at that moment it couldn't have ached more. "Um... well, that's not true."

"We're going to die? I'm going to die! I don't want to die!"

I explained that he wouldn't die for a long time and that when people get old their bodies start to break down and hurt and it's hard to live. Also, I told him how he'd get to go to Heaven and see God.

He calmed down a little after that and started talking about who might die and when. Apparently, since Daddy is "really old" he's "almost gonna die, but not yet." Also, Krycek needs to eat healthy food, so his body will "crack up more slowly and not hurt."

From Stewart I gleaned the following nuggets, which he shouted with great enthusiasm:

"If someone cuts me in half, I will die."
"If I get burned up in fire, I will die."
"If a burglar takes me to Mars, I will see lots of rocks."
"If I go to Mercury, I will get burned up and die. Will you miss me when I die?"

It will be interesting to hear Wilbur's take on death in a few years after he learns everything Owen and Stewart know on the subject.

Interesting side note: One of the first vivid dreams I remember having is that my sister Liz (who was a baby at the time) flew to Mercury and her little body sizzled up and died. I remember I woke up crying and made my mom bring her in so I could make sure she was still alive. Stewart and I must share a brain when it comes to fears because I hear a lot from him about burning up on Mercury.


AMY KAY said...

i just had to tell you-I ran across, what struck me as the oddest thing. Nick must have borrowed 2 Star Trek TNG books from Zack, once upon a time, because I was looking through a bin in my parent's basement, and found them. I've read one, and am working on the other, (Jeff turned me into a trekkie...) but they have Zack's signature in the cover. I just never imagined Nick even pretending to read back when they were friends. That would have been like Zack listening to FM radio!

Sarah Ford said...

maybe i lent them to you, but they were zach's? that seems more likely doesn't it? i remember reading some of those back in the day. i think i borrowed some from sara roush- if i recall correctly, she was really into those TNG books.

i talked to zach last night- it was his 27th birthday. he said he entered a World Series of Poker poker tournament and won 2nd place so he's excited about the next round.