Sunday, February 03, 2008

Riddle Me This

Okay, you know that song that goes "And I miss you... like the deserts miss the rain..." ?

Every time I hear it, I get annoyed because I don't know if she misses him or not.

I mean, sure, deserts don't get much rain and they're very dry so in that sense, yes, deserts do miss rain.

However, do deserts really miss the rain? The entire ecosystem of a desert is based on NOT having rain. Really, too much rain would kill its native plants and animals and it would no longer be a desert.

So, do they miss the rain or not?

Is the song about how much she misses him or about how unnecessary he really is to her life because her giant saguaro and sage brush are thriving?

I've asked for opinions on this topic from various people and they've informed me that "It's just a song!" and that I've "thought just a little too hard about this!"

But I can't let it go. I must know!

Another thing that puzzles me:

We just watched the Superbowl (which means that we fast-forwarded through the game to watch the commercials and the half-time show). And that weird Godfather Audi commercial where the Audi cuts the other luxury car's "head" off is an enigma. If the Audi is the superior car, as the commercial asserts, why was it jealous enough of the other luxury car to dismember it (or disfender it- hey-o!)? Don't get it.


AMY KAY said...

I happened upon these, due to reading People, of all things. For all I know, you know this already-but at the very least, I bet you'll dig the t-shirts .

headscratching said...

sarah...just getting back to your blog after a too-long hiatus.
interesting question you're posing here.
of course, the band who sings "missing" is called Everything But the Girl.

maybe he misses everything BUT the the deserts miss the rain...

:) fun stuff, and your blog is great. i was bummed when sippycup wilted, but happy you're still writing. long live the dude.

--sean in portland

briznad said...

I just happened upon this post and had to comment.

My father and I used to have long exhausting debates about this exact point years ago. Ultimately, I'd like to think that the words were written with the contradiction intended. You know, for the artyness of it.

I just figured I'd let you know that you're not alone.