Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tour of Doodie

The other day, Owen gave his friend Jimmie a hilarious tour of our house.

He hadn't seen Jimmie for a week, so he had to give him all the highlights of what he had missed.

"Right out there is where Krycek pooped on the patio. Right there! HE POOPED!" Giggles.

"And up here, right here on the bathroom floor, Wilbur went pee pee and then he slipped and fell in his pee pee!" Hysterical giggles.

"See that spot on the carpet? Krycek barfed there! Right there!" Belly laughs.

The sad thing is, it was ALL TRUE and it literally had ALL HAPPENED within that week!

If we ever need to sell the house we'll need to keep Owen away from prospective buyers...

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