Thursday, January 01, 2009

The Game of Life

We had our traditional New Year's Eve "cheers and game night" last night. That means we play games and drink sparkling juice (the kids call it "cheers").

Kyle suggested that we play Life, which was quite an experience.

Wilbur was keen to play once he saw the little cars and he and Stewart instantly started driving them all over the game board. We should probably have just let Wilbur drive his car around but for some reason we tried to help him play. Every time he spun the wheel every piece would fall off the board, and at one point I found myself asking him if he wanted to pay $10,000 for life insurance.

Kyle just looked at me, and then over at Wilbur, who was gleefully handing out $5,000 bills from his pile of money, and said, "I don't think he wants life insurance."

Meanwhile, Stewart, who had just gotten married, flipped his car and the pieces scattered. "Ooops, I knocked my wife out. I punched her out of the car."


I don't think Wilbur understood the concept of marriage- though he latched onto the word, calling his little pink piece "Mary." "Will you put this Mary back in for me?" he asked continually, as every time he so much as looked at his car, he and his wife and daughter exploded out of it.

Owen did well with the gameplay and was definitely fired up over his salary and his wife and twin boys. However, he was a little bitter because, as he said, "I don't get to spend my money!"

I tried to remedy that by suing him for $200,000, but that didn't go over well.

I explained that, like real Life, this game wasn't so much about making choices to spend your money, but about various fees and charges coming your way.

We decided he might prefer Monopoly.

Maybe we'll do that in 2010.

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