Saturday, April 30, 2011

So I've been watching Tangled with the kids. And now that I've seen it three times, I have questions.

The first one is, if cutting Rapunzel's magic hair undoes all the healing she's performed with it (as evidenced by Mother's turning to dust after it is cut), then why doesn't Flynn's hand injury come back?

The second is, was the magic tear that heals Flynn a one-time thing, or does Rapunzel now have magic tears? If she DOES have magic tears, how could she live happily ever after? I would think having magic healing tears would be a tough burden; so many injured and dying people to heal and yet she has to weep for all of them to heal them? And if she takes a break from her weeping, and tries to have a little fun, she has to feel guilty, because she has to think of all the people she is now not healing.

And yes, I know, as people have been telling me my whole life, I have "thought WAY too much about this." What can I say? Born with it!

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Jennifer said...

Love it. Everything you write is brilliant!