Monday, August 30, 2004

My new "on the road" pet peeve is drivers who don't get fully into turn lanes, but block all traffic while slowing WAY down and drifting absentmindedly toward the turn lane, finally coasting to rest with their rear bumper poking into traffic.

What is that ABOUT??? The turn lane is there especially for you! Why do you have to ride the line for half a mile and slow everyone down???

In the midst of watching John McCain diss Michael Moore (with hilarious Fox news commentary), I saw a commercial for the Ab Lounger. It's basically a medieval torture rack on which you contort your body to do some kind of weird sit-up.

Highlights include a graphic of a naked androgynous body stretched on the Ab Lounger, and a fat lady doing crunchies while the announcer says it's so easy "anyone can do it." How sad for that actress.


artistanaya said...

OMG that commercial sounds like art!! I am suprised you didn't get a call back for that job. You must have been to damn big!!! But that is ok, you probly couldn't have done it anyway!
all right!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it when people meander into the turn lane. It forces me to slow down or swerve around them...and I'm not about to slow down for some ja#ka%s sticking out of a turn lane.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the fox news commentary GLORIOUS?! It makes me so sad for people who actually take it seriously.