Thursday, September 02, 2004

About a year ago, Kyle tried to sit on an end table and racked himself so hard that he couldn't sit down for a month without whining.

Dave and I laughed for about five hours after the event, and again at each subsequent whine.

I will never laugh at such things again.

Today as I was kneeling to put toys away, I went down super fast because I was in a hurry and took myself in the rear with the corner of the coffee table.

It hurt so bad I literally almost cried, something I haven't done out of pain since I was little.

Payback's a bitch.

I can't wait for it to happen to Dave.


Kyle Ford said...

Well, well, well. The student becomes the master.

artistanaya said...

LOL I would think you would have a lot of fat there to take that pain in, but of course there was a lot of pressure coming down on that table, I am suprised you didn't just flip the table.