Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Media Update

I know, I'm a sucker- I liked Jersey Girl. I mean, it was no Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back- it was a completely different style of movie, but still good. Let's put it this way- if it was a Penny Marshall or Ron Howard film, everyone would've loved it, but since it was a Kevin Smith, everyone thought it was garbage. It's just a very straight, rather sappy movie about parenthood.

I'm reading an awesome book called Valverde's Gold, which is about a treasure supposedly hidden by the Incas in the Llanganati Mountains in Ecuador.

It's sort of a hunt for the treasure, combined with a history of all the people who have gone looking for it and died. Only small pieces of the Llanganatis are even mapped, and the weather, terrain and high elevation make most of the area uninhabitable. It's really fascinating.

Yes- in case you're wondering, I do all my reading based on the Entertainment Weekly book reviews. And books lent by Connie.

Good news- apparently the fourth season of Mr. Show is being released!


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Great book! Am heading into that area next Dec.