Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Top 10 Reasons Baby #3 Is The Easiest

1. Letting them cry it out is less a theory, and more a daily practice.
2. You no longer fear strangers and their germs… it’s more like “Hi, how are you? Okay, now that we’re not strangers, will you watch my baby while I take my older kids to the restroom?”
3. “I have to hold the baby” is no longer an excuse for putting your life on hold. Now you cook, clean, put on makeup, and discipline your other children all while holding the baby whereas before it seemed so difficult just to check your email with your arms full.
4. Fighting with your spouse about diaper changes is such a thing of the past. Number one: Newborn poop smells downright GOOD now that you know what’s coming when they start ingesting solids. Number two: If you’re the parent that stays home, you’re going to end up changing way more of them anyway, so you’ve stopped counting and being bitter. Number three: It’s just poop. You’re so over it.
5. You don’t have to figure out how to use a rectal thermometer because you don’t bother taking baby’s temperature anymore. If he feels hot, he’s probably got a fever. If not, you’re good.
6. No more “nesting” period. They like to tell new moms to keep the baby out of public places for two months. TWO MONTHS???? ARE YOU KIDDING? You’re back at the park picking up germs before your episiotomy stops smarting.
7. Your older kids suddenly seem easier. When you were pregnant, taking the older ones out was a hassle. Now you’re just grateful they don’t require diapers, pacifiers, and the possibility of whipping your boobs out in public.
8. Unlike with baby #2, you’re not concerned about how your other kids are “adjusting.” You don’t cut them any slack based on the trauma of having a new sibling. They can either get with the program, or cool their heels in time-out.
9. You’re not pregnant anymore! Hurray! And based on national averages of families having 2-3 children, most likely you will never be again! Whoooopeee!
10. Because #3 is most likely your final child, you tend to enjoy the baby stage a little more. Rather than being resentful of their claims on your time, you just enjoy nursing, holding, and even comforting them when they cry because you know it’s the last time.

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