Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Educating Kyle

I've decided that Kyle is the American version of Karl Pilkington. Seriously.

Today I had the following conversation with Kyle:

Me: What would prevent someone from bidding on their own items on eBay in order to start a bidding war and drive up prices? Couldn't I just go in under a different user name and bid on stuff that I'm selling?

Kyle: Well, yeah, but then you'd have to pay for it.

Wow. Where do I even begin?


Kyle Ford said...

I would also leave myself negative feedback.

Sarah Ford said...

that would be his punishment for not paying himself...

Sarah said...


To answer your question though, if it's from the same IP address that you used to list the item, eBay can nail you for shill bidding and freeze your account.

Sarah Ford said...

ah. that makes sense.

do they keep track of that though?

hopefully they do, otherwise you'd think people would abuse it all the time.

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