Friday, December 16, 2016

No More FB

Oh, hi there (spins around on swivel chair).

Why am I not posting anything on Facebook anymore? Well, I'm glad you asked that Billy.

You see, Facebook is terrible.

First of all there are WAY too many people on there from WAY too many walks of life. I don't need to see my co-worker's Instagram Christmas cards, a fellow soccer mom's pathos-drenched chain posts (which "99.99% of people won't share") and my high school acquaintance's alt-right memes all in the same place (or all?).

Second, Facebook is way too easy for all of the above to leave their thoughts publicly in a way that reflects on me. That empty field with a convenient "comment" button just begs people to leave their (unsolicited) opinions. Watching my high school best friend have a public meltdown during which she accused me of being homophobic and then rage quit Facebook was about my limit.

However, I still want to swap news and links and have my finger on the pulse of current events so I asked Kyle to disconnect my Twitter feed from my Facebook account so I can do so without all the drama.

So if you're interested, you can follow me on Twitter, if not, don't. That's the great thing about Twitter. If you don't like what I share, no need to drop your opinion into that receptive comment field. Just silently unfollow. Trust me, I won't even notice. No one reads my Twitter anyway; it's great!

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