Friday, December 09, 2016

Wow! (written on 11/14)

Wow. I honestly thought that Trump was a fool not to denounce the KKK and white supremacists, believing this stubbornness of his would cost him the election. "People don't like Hillary for sure," I thought, "but if there's one thing Americans are unified on, it's that white supremacy and Nazism are bad."

As for all the talk about middle America being uneducated/backward/racist, I never really credited it much. Americans, I believed, truly want to make this land a land of opportunity for all. Americans, I believed, know the difference between sensationalism and news. Americans, I believed, can see how transparently Trump lies; I mean, the guy says "I never said that!" reflexively about stuff that is still on his Twitter feed, or that we have videotape of him saying. Americans, I believed, are savvy enough to tell the lies from the truth.

Sure my Facebook feed is crawling with memes of Hillary as the devil, posts that claim to have the "smoking gun" about Hillary's involvement with "insert wild, controversial and unproven claim here", and a couple of people have seriously told me they believe she's at the center of a global conspiracy involving the media, several branches of law enforcement, and George Soros in which her crimes included murdering some 14 people, running the entire U.S. mainstream media (that includes like, every major newspaper and is she powerful, why even RUN for Pres?), but still, I thought, people KNOW that anyone can make a meme, anyone can post ANYTHING on the internet and make it look real, people know... Oh God Almighty!

I really believed that! Oh, sweet little Sarah of six days ago! You were so naive.

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