Monday, October 09, 2006


So I feel a bit awkward posting again because it's been so long.

As Marylou mentioned way back in August, Kyle and I bought a townhome in Valencia and have spent the last several months house hunting, doing paperwork, looking at new preschools, and finally moving.

It's been a long, crazy three month journey from that first day in July when we decided to "just check out" some open houses, which quickly turned into- "hey, the timing is good, the boys haven't started school yet, let's just do it now."

For me, the stress of moving isn't quite as exciting and fun as it is... well, stressful. I know some people like the thrill of starting over in a new home and having all kinds of projects to do, but that person is not me. I don't mind slapping some paint on the walls, but that's about the limit for me in terms of fixing up a home.

I feel like for the last three months my stomach has been in knots as I filled out change of address forms, transferred the kids to new doctors, dentists, and preschools, and tried to figure out all this homeowner's crap, like insurance and property taxes, impound accounts and escrow accounts and blah blah blah.

To compound all this stress, the mortgage broker who was doing our loan kept calling us and asking for more financial documents, even as soon as three days before we closed, which nearly gave both Kyle and I a heart attack.

Every time we talked to her, she'd soothe us with a "Everything's on track, everything's fine- we'll sign the paperwork as soon as it prints!" Then the next day, her assistant would call and say, "Um... do you think you could make a copy of the check you wrote for your good faith payment, just to make sure it went through?"

And I would freak out and call her back, peppering her with annoying questions and ejaculations like "I just don't understand why they need that! Why would I write a bad check for my good faith payment?!"

And she would go back into soothing mode... "Everything's on track, everything's fine..." and I'd calm down again. I think she might be a hypnotist... I wonder if she said "Constantinople" if I'd go all nutty and think I was in love with her, like in that Woody Allen movie.

But anyhow, the point is that the last three months or so, the rest of my life has been completely on hold and my Sippycup time has paid the price.

Consequently, I feel kind of like I can't just jump back into posting- I feel like I was in a relationship that was just picking up steam when I bowed out- and now I'm awkwardly calling again- " are you still single?"

I also feel like I've been silent for so long that I oughtn't post until I have something amazing to say.

But I don't. And the silence must be broken somehow, because while I have nothing AMAZING to say, I do have stories to tell- about preschool, feminism, my new city, and my being inspired by Adrienne and Marylou to attempt my first half-marathon this spring.

So while this has been a bit awkward... ahem... let's just pretend I never left, okay?

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