Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Revelation Continues

Since last year's "aha" moment when Owen came face to face with his own mortality, Owen and Stewart's knowledge of death has grown in leaps and bounds.

They were discussing Michael Jackson's heart attack at the kitchen table on Thursday. Let's listen in:

Owen: He had a heart attack. That's when your heart stops working. Everybody dies. Everybody in the whole Earth. What will you do with me when I die Stewie? (Thinking). Ugh, what if you just put me in the dump?

Me: No! We'd put you in a nice grave and bring you flowers every day.

Stewart: (wanting to be nice, knowing as only a 5 year old boy can that flowers are a crap offering for a 7 year old) I would bring you toys, Owen. I would throw toys at you (the desire to be nice slowly being eclipsed by the desire to be funny)... I would dig you up and throw toys at your bones.

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