Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Funny Quotes from the Boys Continued

September 2007:

While driving north on I-5 for a camping trip, Stewart and Owen were asking about the location of the campground. Stewart asked, "Is it on planet Earth?"

October 2007:

Bryan and Sarah Zera came down from Fresno to have dinner with us. While Kyle and the boys played outside, I put a tablecloth on the table and set it neatly to impress our guests. When Stewart came back inside, Bryan and Sarah in tow, he stared at the table as if he'd never seen it before and asked "What's THAT?" So I guess that destroyed the illusion that we set the table that way every night...

October 2007:

Owen once tried to make his own oatmeal by putting dry oatmeal in a bowl and putting it in the microwave for like 15 minutes. It burned to a crisp at the bottom of the bowl (which we threw away) and made the house smell like smoke for two weeks. Kyle told him to be careful or he'd burn the house down. Apparently he remembered because during the wildfires last month when a lot of people we knew were being evacuated from their houses and I was trying to reassure the boys that our house was going to be fine, Owen said, "Yes, we do not have to worry about our house burning down. Unless we try to make our own oatmeal!"

November 2007:

I told Owen and Stewart that perhaps we'd get haircuts tomorrow. I asked how Stewart wanted his hair cut. He screamed gleefully, "BALD!"

November 2007:

The boys have learned to take turns by playing "Eeeny-meeny-miney-moe"- although instead of "Catch a tiger by the toe" their version goes "Who could be a tiny toe?" No matter how many times I correct them, they are insistent on the "tiny toe" version.

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